Four Construction Challenges

Four Construction Challenges

Four Construction Challenges

Since the first cavemen stacked mud bricks and propped up branches, construction has had to address four significant challenges. These challenges remain the same in a modern building, but how we overcome them is continuously evolving. You may be asking yourself what the four problems are, or you may be thinking of a few already. Here is the breakdown and how Global Construction ensures a successful construction project.

Quality- Without quality, why bother? In construction, quality comes from the right mix of skilled labor, the right materials, well-planned execution, and an uncompromising system of quality control measures. At Global Construction, we start by hiring the right people who are trained continuously to ensure we remain on the cutting edge. We partner with great suppliers and use our industry knowledge to choose the right materials for the given application. We follow our time-tested schedule ensuring work that is finished promptly in the proper order with attention to detail. Lastly, each piece of work from footer forms to ridge vents is reviewed and supervised by experienced project managers guaranteeing an exceptional finished product.

Budget- Unless you are in a niche group of clients who can build with an open checkbook, the budget is probably your highest concern. While obtaining construction bids from multiple contractors can help understand your expected costs, there are still many pitfalls to avoid. Unlike many of our competitors, we go to great pains developing detailed and specific construction bids. This level of detail requires more time and effort on our end but gives our clients peace of mind that comes from knowing everything in the scope of the project is included in our initial bid. Unfortunately, the initial proposal is not the only area where clients end up over-spending. Some contractors will intentionally leave out items on their initial bid to win your business with a low quote, then start issuing change orders for things that should have been included up front. While change orders can happen due to unforeseen circumstances (like mold behind walls) and client driven upgrades, we review our construction bids (TWICE) to make sure we are accounting for all costs for which the client is responsible. Any change orders are detailed and submitted to the client for approval prior to commencing the work.

Schedule- “Time is Money,” and if you are in the construction business, this is especially true. Whether through poor planning or time-clock “milking,” contractors and their laborers are notorious for taking an unreasonable amount of time to complete their projects. To overcome this ever-present challenge, we incorporate GANTT chart schedules for each of our projects–whether it is a small residential remodel or a large commercial project. This schedule is created by our seasoned construction managers and then shared with the architects, designers, subcontractors, and clients. We supervise our projects and keep a constant watch on the schedule to make sure that materials are ordered and on-site when they need to be, and in-house or subcontracted labor is there for their portion of the work. If you are stuck depending on Joe Contractor to finish one trade before he starts thinking about what needs to happen next, you will see timelines easily double.
Communication- If your contractor came in and provided excellent quality at a reasonable cost on a reasonable timeline but never communicated with you, you would probably still be happy with the transaction. This is, of course, impossible. You must have communication between the client, architects, designers, inspectors, suppliers, and subcontractors if you ever hope to achieve successful results in the other areas. Our best-in-class construction management software coordinates communication through daily logs, group messaging, photos, and videos all in one central location so that everyone stays on the same page.

Global Construction is not perfect… Problems happen, and challenges arise. What we do promise our clients is a focused, proactive, and systematic approach to addressing these construction challenges on the front end so that their project runs as smoothly as possible.

If you would like to take a closer look at how we can benefit you and your clients, please reach out. We would love the opportunity to meet and learn more about how you serve your clients and find opportunities for us to work together.

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