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Price Per Square Foot

What’s the price per square foot? That’s one of the most common questions we and other General Contractors get. Whether it’s a custom home, a kitchen remodel, a basement finish, or a commercial property build, the savvy client want to know the cost per square foot. The trouble is, there are too many variables to give an accurate answer to “What’s the price per square foot?” without diving deeper into your unique situation.

Yes, we have general rules for the Denver Metro area ¬– A new build can be $180 per square foot and up; adding a second story addition can be $275 per square foot and up; a commercial remodel can be $210 per square foot and up. Notice, that in all cases, there is an amount and the price can, and usually will go up. There are many, many factors that can determine the final price per square foot.

Factors that determine the cost per square foot can be personal choices in finishes and appliances, project location (even within the Denver Metro Area), seasonal demands, labor availability, material availability, site access, existing conditions, and permitting. Every client is different and every project is different.

An easier way to think about it can be summed up here:

Price is dependent on material selection.
Pricing is on a curve, based on size. Larger construction projects cost less per square foot than smaller ones — economy of scale.
Beyond those generalizations, there are some helpful references to get you started on your next remodel project. You can take a look at this basement finishing cost calculator for Denver, or a home addition calculator, and a kitchen remodel calculator. These are starting points and can approximate your project for the Denver Metro Area.

The best answer to “What is the cost per square foot?” is to have a qualified and reputable general contractor price it for you. A good, experienced general contractor can give you a reality-based estimate that will have line items comprehensively broken down. This estimate will include all factors from your personal selected choices like tile, paint color, and doorknobs; things you need but don’t see like studs, insulation, and plumbing; to essential services like permitting, engineering, and supervision.

After you receive your estimate, your cost per square foot can then be accurately calculated.

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